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What our customers are saying…

  • Virgil Simpson, Aldi

    "We’ve sponsored the Food and Drink Festival for 5 years. The big benefit for us really is exposure for our brand, people are still coming through the door and they’re shocked how good our products are, it’s great!"
  • Matt Carr, Carrs Pasties

    “Our customers are from Bolton and if you want to pay back to your customers, this is the best way to do it! This event has just been getting better and better every year, how can we say no to such a wonderful event?!”
  • Graham Leigh, Wilmott Dixon

    “The reason why Wilmott Dixon get involved in Food and Drink Festival is to make a difference, to make great places in the town and involve the community”

  • Jonathan Royle, RRG Group

    “Obviously if you are a community-based business around Bolton this a fantastic opportunity to showcase your product or your brand. It certainly worked for us!”

  • Tony Cottam, Bolton at Home

    “You’re never going to know if you have a market for what you’re selling or your service until you put it out there, and this is a brilliant opportunity to do that”